1. I am unable to attend an event, can I be refunded?
We regret to inform you that Swarmer tickets are non refundable and non amendable .We offer competitive pricing at highly coveted venues so once you finalize payment, that seat is considered sold. It's a firm commitment similar to booking a seat on an airline, at a sporting event or concert. Once you go through all of the confirmation screens and submit the transaction, we have a final sale with no cancellation/exchange policy so please book wisely. You can review full T&C in case you need it.
2.What do I need to buy a ticket? Are there any hidden fees?
You only need a valid credit or debit card. No hidden fees, you pay what you see. Our platform will soon start accepting Apple pay and Paypal for a more seamless experience.
3.Do I need to pay for anything in person?
No, if you do not consume anything outside of your Swarmer package then there is no need for any further payment processing. If, for example, you choose to order cocktails that are not included in your package, then you will be charged separately on your own.

4. What should I bring with me to my event?
You absolutely MUST bring:
  1. Government issued I.D. (drivers license, passport, State I.D. card, or Military Service I.D.)
  2. The credit card used for payment (where applicable)
5. What happens if I am late to my event?
We want everyone to get the most of their Swarmer experience. One technique we use to make sure you have more than enough time to enjoy your night is an event start time. In the event that you find yourself running over 15 mins late, we ask that you contact your Swarmer host.
6.Will the venue have my reservation information?
Yes, the venue will be fully aware of your reservation and will be prepared to accommodate you and/or your party.
7. Where do I find the tickets I bought?
You can find your tickets in My Bookings on the app or in your email confirmation.We highly recommend to keep Swarmer downloaded on your phone in order to show the tickets at the entrance (or print them) on the day of the event.
8.Can I purchase Swarmer tickets at the door of an event?
Although this may be permitted for some events, it is not recommended. We recommend all our users to purchase their tickets via Swarmer to ensure availability and that they are receiving the best price. As an added benefit, you will receive reward points for every booking placed through Swamer.
9.I have purchased a ticket, what do I need to do now?
You should always read carefully the instructions stated in the ticket details and in the confirmation email, as sometimes extra tips and instructions are listed. (e.g. Calling the restaurant in advance to mention food allergies, etc)
10. Can the venue refuse entry if I booked through Swarmer?
A venue can deny anybody entry from their establishment, but some major reasons are:
  1. Arriving overly-intoxicated
  2. Being aggressive or rowdy
  3. Breaking dress code
  4. Invalid forms of ID
  5. Failing to comply with other establishment policies (which vary from venue to venue.)
11. I bought a ticket for a friend, does it matter that it has my name on it?
The name on the tickets is not an issue. As long as you send them their unique QR code and booking confirmation, they will be admitted to the event.
12.I would like to purchase something outside of my package
You are more than welcome to order items outside of the selection included in your package. A separate check will be started for you and everything you order will be processed completely separate. Please have your I.D. and credit card ready for the server to process.

13.How do I delete my account?
To delete your account please login to your swarmer profile and click into settings. From settings, click into privacy and on the bottom you will find a button that reads “delete account”
14.How do I sign up to Swarmer if I don’t have a Facebook or Instagram Account
Currently, we only allow sign-up with a valid Facebook account or Phone number. This allows us to authorize accounts more effectively. We will soon introduce sign-in through Linkedin.
15.How do i change my email address listed on Swarmer?
In order to change the email address in which you receive emails from Swarmer go to the "Profile" Tab then click the edit icon located to the right of your profile photo. Scroll down to private information and there you will find your current email address. You may change your email address and click “save” to update.
16. How do i activate or deactivate notifications?
In order to customize the type of notifications you would like to receive, you need to click on the settings icon located on the top right section of your “Profile” tab. Select "Notifications" within your “Settings” and then click “Save” once complete. We encourage you to allow Swamer notifications, this way you won't miss any important messages like plan cancellations or reminders.

17.What’s included with my table booking?
  1. The bottles you ordered
  2. Standard mixers (OJ, pineapple, etc.)
  3. Express entry into the club for you and your guests
  4. Waived cover charge
  5. A private table for you and your guests
18. I booked a table, do I still have to pay cover?
Cover charge is included for the number of guests allowed at the table you selected. Any additional guests must pay cover and wait in line.
19.How many guests can I bring to my table?
The table selection menu shows the maximum guests allowed for each option. Each person (up to the max) that accepts your invitation will be added to the guest list.
20.Can my guests show up later than the arrival time?
Yes, only one person needs to get there at arrival time to keep the table. Your friends will be on a list for your table. (This policy is not applicable for restaurant reservations)
21.Once I book a table, when will my card be charged?
  1. The bottles you ordered
  2. Booking solo – Your card will be charged as soon as your reservation is confirmed.
  3. Presplitting - The booking will not process until all of your guests join the table. Once the booking is completed, each guest will charged the agreed amount.
22.What is the “Promote my booking” feature?
Our “Promote my booking” feature will post your table on our event feed. This means that other users can request to be on your table. The option to join a table is only available to our female users.

23.What is a Promoter Table?
A complimentary ladies-only table provided by the venue and hosted by a promoter. Tables are limited to 15-20 ladies and typically include a pre-set arrangement of complimentary food and/or beverages.
24.What is included when I make a reservation to a promoter table?
  • The bottles you ordered
  • Express entry for you and your guests
  • Waived cover charge
  • A table with complimentary pre-set alcohol and mixers.
  • 25. What should I do once I arrive at the venue?
    Once you’ve arrived at the venue, message your host and let them know that you have arrived. This will ensure your entry to the venue is as smooth as possible. Please makes sure to have your valid I.D. ready. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GAIN ACCESS TO THE VENUE OR YOUR TABLE RESERVATION WITHOUT AN I.D. MATCHING THE NAME ON YOUR RESERVATION. Everyone attending a promoter table booked through Swarmer must be over the age of 21. No exceptions.
    26. Can I bring a friend to my reservation?
    Yes, you may invite your friend to your reservation. All additional guests must have a Swarmer profile and must RSVP to the event via Swarmer. Additional guests invited outside of the app are not permitted.
    27.What should I do if I am running late?
    In the event that you find yourself running over 15 mins late, we ask that you contact your Swarmer host. Tardiness over 30 mins will result in the loss of your reservation.
    28.Am I allowed to leave the table?
    You are allowed to leave the table but it is advised to inform the on-site promoter. Since seats are in high-demand, your seat may be replaced if you are gone for over 30 minutes.
    29.Can I order drinks for myself?
    If you care to order something outside of what is offered on the table, feel free to ask your server to start a separate tab for you. Your payment will be processed completely outside of the app at the venue’s regular pricing.