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1. If I can't make it to my event, is there a grace period and do I have an opportunity to get my moneyback?
Unfortunately not. We offer competitive pricing at highly coveted venues so once you finalize payment, that seat is considered sold. It's a firm commitment similar to booking a seat on an airline, at a sporting event or concert. Once you go through all of the confirmation screens and submit the transaction, we have a final sale with no cancelation/exchange policy so please book wisely.
2. What happens if I have a problem at the door of the venue?
There will be a Swarmer representative awaiting your arrival at every single event we offer. They are there to make sure that you are prioritized and to ensure your night goes smoothly. If for any reason you don't see your Swarmer representative right away, don't worry, they are certainly nearby and will get to you as soon as possible.
3. How many Socialites can I invite to an event?
For each Swarmer seat you reserve, you will have two Socialite invitations at your disposal.  Socialites can request to join your table or you can invite them.  Also feel free to invite your friends to sign up and join your table.
4. There are Socialiteseats that haven't been used by other Swarmers, can I use those seats to invite more guests?
Yes and no... Mostly no. The Socialite invitations allocated to each Swarmer are to be used at the sole discretion of that user. They may elect to wait until just before the event to use their invitations, or they may choose not use their invitations at all and meet someone at the venue. You are welcome to ask another Swarmer in the group chat if they intend to use their Socialite invitations and they may choose to invite someone on your behalf, but that is entirely at the invite holder's discretion.
5. What happens if the people I was swarming with were rude or impolite?
We'll be there for you. What's most important to keep in mind in this type of situation is that we have numerous resources at our disposal to resolve the problem. If the issue is mild but you don't appreciate the behavior of the other Swarmers/Socialites your sharing a table with, feel free to communicate what you felt went wrong in your review of the evening. If the situation requires our immediate attention then shoot us an email and one of our representatives will be in touch with you very quickly. It is very important never to engage in any activity that could escalate an unfortunate situation. Let us handle it, we'll make it right for you.
6. Do I need to pay for anything in person?
No, if you do not consume anything outside of your beverage package then there is no need for any further payment processing. If, for example, you choose to order cocktails, bottled water, or energy drinks that are not included in your package, then you will be charged separately on your own bill.
7. What should I bring with me to my event?
You absolutely MUST bring:
  1. Government issued I.D. (drivers license, passport, State I.D. card, or Military Service I.D.)
  2. The credit card used for payment (where applicable)
Otherwise we have everything else taken care of so you can relax enjoy the evening.
8. Does my event have a start time?
Yes, you can see the event start time in the “event details” of every event we offer.
9. How long will my event last?
All of our events have start times, which you can see in your event details. So long as you don't see an end time attached to your event, you are welcome to enjoy your table as long as you like, as long as you are consuming within the hours of operation for the venue.
10. What happens if I'm late to my event?
We want everyone to get the most of their Swarmer experience. One technique we use to make sure you have more than enough time to enjoy your night is an event start time. While we understand that it may take that extra 20-30 minutes to look and feel your best, we strongly encourage all Swarmers to arrive on time to their event. There are no penalties for arriving late and we do not offer proration, credit, or refunds for late arrivals.
11. What if I want to purchase something outside of my package?
You are more than welcome to order beverages outside of the selection included on the table. A separate check will be started for you and everything you order will be processed completely separate from the table. Please have your I.D. and credit card ready for the server to process.
12. What happens if I'm early to my event?
Your reservation will have a start time associated with it. If you arrive to the venue early, it would be best to first make sure everyone you intend to walk in with are present. Then communicate with your Swarmer representative informing them that you have arrived and are ready to walk in. You will be escorted to your table but unless the party is in full attendance, the beverage package will be held until the stipulated event start time. You are more than welcome to order drinks outside of the package. You will be presented with a check to be processed completely separately from the table.
13. Am I getting the best deal available for my table?
Absolutely. We develop relationships with all of our partnering venues and negotiate the best pricing available on a given night. Our goal is to offer you the best prices available... and we do.
14. Can I bring friends with me to my table?
Absolutely. We strongly encourage you to use your Socialite invitations to invite friends to your table. Remember that for every Swarmer seat you purchase you have 2 Socialite invitations at your disposal. Inviting more than 2 non-paying guests is a breach of our code of ethics. Always be respectful of the people you are sharing a table with and limit your invited guests to 2.
15. Does everyone at the table needs to be registered through Swarmer?
Not necessarily... We strongly encourage everyone attending the event to register through the app because it helps us ensure a seamless experience. If you have a friend that you would like to invite, send them a table invitation and we will prioritize their access. In the event your guest cannot register in time for the event, have them accompany you as you enter the venue but please adhere to the 2 invited guest limit. Gentlemen are expected to join tables as paying guests (Swarmers) so make sure to purchase an additional Swarmer seat to accommodate them. Ladies are welcome to join as non-paying guests (Socialites).
16. Will the venue have my reservation information?
Yes, the venue will be fully aware of your reservation and will be prepared to accommodate your party.
17. I need directions to the venue, where should I look?
In the event details, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll see the event's location in the in Google Maps and the written address. If you’re still having trouble finding the venue feel free to reach out to us for more assistance.
18. Can I adjust who is able to see my activity?
All of your friends in the app can see your activity in their feed (i.e.: when you book a seat at a table or watch a table). If you don't want someone to see your activity, just unfriend him or her and your activity will no longer show up in their Feed.
19. Can I choose who I share a table with?
Before you join a table you can see all of the Swarmers and Socialites that have already joined the table by opening the event details. Otherwise, if there are seats that haven't been purchased, other Swarmers will be able to join the table without your approval. Socialites must be accepted by any member of the table.
20. Can I contribute a different amount to the bill other than what is automatically set for the table?
Unfortunately not, currently we only offer the capability to purchase seats at a fixed even share of the table's price.
21. Does the price per seat include tax and gratuity?
No, the prices itemized on the main event screen do not include tax, gratuity, and fees. However, before your credit card is charged you will see a full itemization of all of these items on the confirmation screen.
22. If I refer a friend, are they automatically accepted?
Unfortunately they are not automatically accepted into the app, but they will receive priority consideration. We evaluate every potential member's profile before accepting him or her to the app to ensure each profile is a real person and not spam or solicitors. This process takes time but when you give a friend a referral code, it helps us identify who needs access to the app immediately.
23. How can I use my reward points?
We offer an amazing selection of gifts and discounts for you to choose from in the rewards section of the app. Gifts can be shipped directly to your home or office and discounts can be applied to future purchases. Keep in mind that your rewards points become available to you 30 days after the conclusion of your event.
24. My table is incomplete, is my reservation guaranteed?
Absolutely, We guarantee every single reservation so you can rest assured that your plans for the evening are secured. In the event that all of the Swarmer seats at your table are not purchased, we may combine your reservation with another one at the same venue.
25. Can I join more than one table in a day?
Swarmers can purchase seats at as many events as they care for on a given day. Socialites can join tables one at a time and cannot join events with start times within 3 hours of each other.
26. I accidentally purchased a seat at the wrong table, is there anything I can do?
Get in contact with us immediately. The sooner you inform us about the mistake the better. Our policy is that all sales are final but in some instances there may be something we can do to assist.
27. Can I share/split the cost of my seat?
No, we do not provide a means to share or split the cost of your seat.
28. Can I use more than 1 promo code for my event?
Promo codes are limited to one per event per user.
29. What are the Swarmer code of ethics?
The Swarmer Code of Ethics are the standards of behavior we expect of all of our guests to adhere to while using the app.
30. How can I reach a Swarmer representative?
Feel free to send us an email at support@swarmer.com. We pride ourselves on our ability to respond to our guest's inquiries quickly so you can rest assured we will be in touch with you shortly.